Managing an online business from any place is the best experience for every retailer. It is for this reason why you need to consider using a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform to create a professional store. Having one that has the inventory and order management feature is essential because you will reduce errors. In current days, you don’t have to go for the expensive platforms to stand out from competitors. Cheap and advanced platforms are continuing to emerge. They come with user-friendly interface to allow you to create a store without starting from scratch. Shopify plus and BigCommerce are among the leading platforms. They have features that will grow your business. However, you cannot use the two platforms. Here you will find a guide that compares Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce, in order for you to see some of their features and a the same time it will enable you to decide the best platform to use:


The price is a number one factor that most of the retailers consider before selecting anenterprise e-commerce platform. Most of them abandon the costly platforms and go for the cheap pricing. However, some entrepreneurs believe that expensive platforms are the best to enhance the growth of their business. These days, things are different. You can have a cheap platform that has advanced features and run a successful business.

Shopify plus and BigCommerce vary regarding pricing. Shopify plus has a basic plan of $29 per month while BigCommerce starts with a standard plan of $29.95 per month. Both of these plans will allow you to sell unlimited products. For the BigCommerce standard plan, you will get essential things that you will not get on the Shopify basic plan. They include gift cards, real-time carrier shipping quotes, built-in ratings and review system, and professional reporting functionality. Also, the Shopify plus has its unique advantage. It has a lite plan of $9 which you can sell online much cheaper than any of the BigCommerce plans.


If you want to create an online store quickly and have a unique design, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform with fancy templates. They will provide you with an opportunity to come up with a store without much effort. When it comes to free themes, Shopify plus offers 10 templates while BigCommerce provides 7. On the paid themes, Shopify provides 60 templates which range from $ 140-$ 180. The BigCommerce has 120 paid templates ranging from $ 145-$ 235 in price.

Payment gateways

Payment methods are becoming a must-have feature of every online store. Because you are running the business to increase sales, you need to ensure that you have a variety of methods to accept payment. They will allow customers to use a method of preference during the check-out process. Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce comes with integrated payment gateways. They provide the essential methods such as the PayPal, Amazon Pay, World Pay, as well as mobile payment. However, Shopify becomes a winner when it comes to the number of payment methods. It has over 100 modesof payment while BigCommerce has an approximate number of 40.

Mobile Apps

The mobile Apps are essential when it comes to designing your store. You can efficiently perform the task from anyplace. Shopify plus is the leading platform with reliable Apps. The Apps are available on both iOS and Android.  It has the Shopify App which will allow you to manage essential aspects of your store. The other App is Shopify POS which will help you sell via Shopify in a physical location. The BigCommerce does not have the Apps.

SEO functionality

When it comes to the SEO feature, the BigCommerce becomes a winner. It will allow you to create Google-friendly URL more efficiently than the Shopify plus. With this, everyone including the starters can run a business of high sales without the help of the designer.

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