BigCommerce Enterprise VS Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus and Bigcommerce are two of the most popular ecommerce solution providers in the ecommerce market. They are known to be the providers of mobile optimization, amazing designs and a user experience that is simple, yet conversion oriented. Both Shopify and Bigcommerce are known to be the best, when it comes to increasing sales volume or handling orders in bulk.

If we have a look at their clients, Shopify has been a service provider to some popular names in the market, such as: Red Bull, GE and more.

At the same time, Bigcommerce has also been providing its services to some famous brands like Gibson and Toyota.

Therefore, the competition is head to head. This article will discuss the features and services offered by both the platforms, and what makes them stand-out from each other.


Both Shopify Plus and Bigcommerce offer a wide variety of features. If we look at the similarities, both platforms offer unlimited scalability and bandwidth, as well as various themes and designs.

However, Shopify has a Traffic Control application which enables a smooth transition, which is not offered by Bigcommerce.

Bigcommerce is known for enabling customers to filter their search, also offering a distinct feature of one-page check out. This makes the process a lot simpler and is not offered by Shopify Plus.

SaaS based Software

Both Bigcommerce and Shopify are SaaS based software. The good part is that in order to operate them, all you need is a PC/Smartphone and an internet connection.


Shopify is known to be the most preferred software when it comes to easy and user-friendly interface. You just need to follow 3 easy steps to set up your online store at Shopify. Both software offers free trials, no requirement of Credit Card in the initial phase and a simple user-interface.

Designs and Themes

Although both the software are known for providing some amazing and responsive designs, Shopify is one step ahead in terms of themes and Web-design. They offer 100+ themes that are both paid and unpaid. The premium designs are usually in a price range of $140-$180.

Therefore, both Shopify and Bigcommerce are two of the leading ecommerce platforms in the market. However, you need to select the one that matched your business requirement the most. A wrong decision can have a negative impact in your business, therefore, research first.

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